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What Are Car Parts?

What Are Car Parts?

Car parts, It is the general name given to the parts formed by the combination of many parts and systems in motor vehicles. For a car to work, many parts and parts must be able to work together and in harmony. These parts become functional thanks to mechanical, electronic and computer systems. In this article car parts and we will give information about the tasks of these parts. Most of us don’t know much, except for some basic features of the vehicles we use every day. When we encounter a problem, we usually cannot get an idea about the problem without getting information from auto services or industry experts.

Which Car Parts Do What?

Car parts can basically be handled in 7 categories. These:
  • Engine
  • Power Train
  • Chassis
  • Body
  • Drivetrain
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Electronic System
can be listed as.


It is the part that converts the heat energy generated by burning the fuel in the cylinder into motion energy. Inside the engine, there are different systems such as fuel injection system, air intake system, exhaust emission system, ignition system, starter system, charging system, lubrication system, cooling system, valve system, sensors, altivators and electronic control unit. Of course, there are small different parts in each part. For example, if we need to give information about car engine parts, it will be necessary to mention about 30 different parts.

Power Train

These organs, also known as vehicle drive systems, are the organs that provide movement while the engine is running. It consists of parts such as clutch, gearbox, differential and axle.
  • Clutch (clutch system): It provides the transmission of the movement produced in the engine to the gearbox and the transmission is interrupted. It interrupts the energy transfer between the engine and gearbox in case of gear shifting.
  • Transmission (gearbox): The rotational movement transmitted from the engine flywheel to the clutch system is transmitted to the differential through the gearbox. It helps to increase the engine speed and provide the desired traction.
  • Differential: In rear-wheel drive vehicles, the gearbox and differential are located in the middle of the rear axle, and in front-wheel drive vehicles. Transmits the movement received from the gearbox to the wheels by decreasing the speed but increasing the traction power.
  • Axle: Also called axle, the axle transmits the motion it receives from the differential to the wheels. It is made of steel.


The chassis is the skeletal system of the vehicle. All parts of the vehicle are mounted on the chassis. A chassis needs to be durable. It is especially important due to its structure that resists the severity of impact during an accident and prevents injuries and deaths by breaking at necessary points. In the past, chassis and body parts of vehicles were produced and assembled separately. In new generation vehicles, instead of this application, chassis and bodywork are produced together, thus reducing the weight of the vehicle. In addition, better results are obtained in terms of vehicle safety.

Body (Bonnet)

The roof of the vehicle, doors, tailgate, engine hood, front and rear fenders, bumpers, grille, spoilers, windows and mirrors are the parts that bring the body together. Especially when buying a second hand vehicle, it is the most important part after the engine.


Wheel links, spring and shock absorber systems, steering, brakes, tires and wheels.


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